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Thank you for choosing Valley Orthodontic Group for your care. Our practice is like no other, offering features and benefits to deliver the finest orthodontic care in the greater Phoenix area. We are pleased to provide answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

Who Is The Doctor?

Dr. Daniel J. Grob, is a board certified orthodontist as well as a Marquette University trained prosthodontist. He lectures extensively to groups on topics ranging from occlusion to growth and development of the face. His special interests include cleft lip and palate and timing of orthodontics.

When Do We Start?

Dr. Grob’s Treat By Twelve’s system will help to answer the question of, “Should we consider early or Phase I treatment?” This system is based on research, publications in respected journals and years of experience to properly determine the time to begin treatment.

Is Early Treatment Beneficial?

Early orthodontic care may or may not involve the placement of braces. In fact, less than twenty percent of our young patients actually get fit with appliances. Patients may be enrolled in Face and Tongue Muscle Therapy ( Face First Therapy) with or without early care to properly train and balance facial muscles. (Think “Chew with your mouth closed!”) Limited therapy is included in our treatment fee, and it is our philosophy that it is very important.

Do Braces Have To Show and Be Uncomfortable?

Show your smile, not your braces. Options include Clear and Mini Braces, as well as Invisalign for most patients, offering extra comfort and style. We also offer the latest in self-ligating or Damon and Enpower braces for non-tooth removal therapy and accelerated comfortable treatment.

How Much Will Braces Cost?

We participate in numerous insurance and dental plans that provide for special fee arrangements. In addition, we offer our Family Smile Plan that provides a host of benefits for your family members, including multiple child discounts. For most of our patients, the monthly cost is less than most bundled cable tv plans.

Will My Treatment Last?

Like any medical or dental service, it is difficult and unethical to guarantee the result. However we guarantee that you will only pay once to be treated. Our Great Smile For Life Guarantee is a unique program offering patients peace of mind and financial incentives should re-treatment become necessary in the future for whatever reason.

Are You Involved In The Community?

Be sure to keep us informed regarding your school activities. During the past 25 years, Dr. Grob has donated tens of thousands of dollars of discounted treatment to benefit the school districts within the practice area. Be sure to ask Diane, Director of Practice Development, for details about Smiles For Schools.

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